Pride of the Wildcats Band

Western High School Davie, Florida

Volunteer Sign Up List, July 2017 to June 2018


 **Job descriptions are listed below**

Year-Round Positions: Many of the year round jobs are filled by parents who started by volunteering for the seasonal positions below!! Scroll down to sign up for the many open jobs; we need all of them to be filled. We are also happy to accommodate more parents on our committees- just because there isn't an opening listed doesn't mean we won't take more help, we are happy to add more names. :) Remember our parents are only here for the length of time their students are at Western, which means we need to rotate in our "newbies" so they can take over down the line.

Committee Positions:                                   Volunteers:

Finance Committee Chair:                              Debbie E

               Committee:                                       Linda D

                Committee:                                      Kristen S

                Committee:                                      Kim S      

                Committee:                                      Mezanne M  

BB&T Liaison:                                                 Kim S

                 BB&T Co-chair:                             Janella A

Grant writing, sponsorships:                            Lori M, Kim S, Katia G

Product sales, chair:                                         Kim S

                  Cookie dough committee:              Linda D

                   Cookie dough committee:             Katie N

                   Cookie dough committee:             Janella A

                   Cookie dough committee:             Debbie E

                   Cookie dough committee:            Darlene C

                    Cookie dough committee:           Mezanne M

Fundraising, general:                                       

               Committee:                                        Kim S

               Committee:                                        Kristin S

               Committee:                                        Maria M

                Committee:                                       Katia G


Camera Crew/Historians/Banquet Program:   Maria M, Erika L

PTSA liaisons:                                                 Linda D, Debbie E, Kim S


*The prop crew will begin working over the summer. The pre-game meals chair can begin seeking restaurant sponsorships or discounted meals well in advance of marching season for the pre-game meals and possibly lunches for full practice days and before we leave for States. In school fundraising can also begin preparations late in the summer so we can be ready to work the first concession stand and take parking donations if the football boosters assign those opportunities to us.*

Props Committee for 2017 (we need a name for the Props Committee!!):

        Concept:                                                       Mr. Tracey, Anthony M

        Head Designer and Construction Lead:      Thomas E

        Assistant Designer:                                      Matt M

        Build Team Hosts:                                        TJ and Debbie E

        Painting Crew Leads:                                   Linda D, Debbie E

        Materials Acquisition:                                  Matt M, Debbie E, Janella A, Linda D

        Prop Crew Coordinators/Scheduling:           Mezanne M, Debbie E, Ed B

On Field Coordinator:        Ed B

        Pump Jack Logo Art:                                    Nicole E

       Marvelous Minions: Kevin S, Maria M, Scott A, Matt E, Livia S, Bryan G, Marissa M,

                   Jim R, Gina L, Susan L, Sunny R, Camilo S, Marta S, Brian R, Esther R, Diana B

Show Shirts:                                                          Ed B           

Pre-game Meals:

            Committee:                                               Janella A

            Committee:                                               Linda D

            Committee:                                               Mandy B

            Committee:                                               Celeste G, Bryan G

            Committee:                                               Kim S

            Committee:                                               Kristen S

            Committee:                                               Katia G

            Committee:                                               Lori M

            Committee:                                               Darlene C

Hydration aka "The Cooler Crew":                     Brian R, Erika M, Jim R, Ed B, Mandy B,

                                                                             Maria M, John M

Wildcat Wear Chair:                                             Maria M

             Committee:                                              Linda D, Celeste G

Drivers for equipment trucks:                              Kevin S, Brian R, Jim R

            Assistants to drivers:                               John M

First aid:                                                              Celina B, Diana B, Celeste G

Senior Dinner, 2017 Chair:                                 Janella A

          Committee:                                                Zule H, Diana B

"PINK" arm band seamstress:                              Celina B

States trip for 2017 Chair:                                   Linda D

            Committee:                                              Katia G

            Committee:                                              Kim S

            Committee:                                              Debbie E

Competition Chaperones:

             Committee:                                              Ed B, Mandy B

             Committee:                                              Darlene C

             Committee:                                              Diana B (also First Aid)

             Committee:                                              Celina B (also First Aid)

              Committee:                                             Celeste G (also First Aid)

 Football game set up and clean up

             Committee:                                         Ed B, Mandy B

             Committee:                                        Bryan G, Celeste G

              Committee:                                        K. Angela L

              Committee:                                        Celina B

Section parent: Color Guard                           Rita G, Celeste G

Section parent: Percussion                              Debbie E

Section parent: Trumpets                                 Kristin S, Esther R

Section parent:  Flutes                                     Rocio C

Section parent:  Saxophones                            Celia P, Maria M, Darrick B, Diana B

Section parent: Tubas                                       Kim S

Section parent: Clarinets                                  Paola G, Mezanne M

Section parent: Low Brass (Bari, mellophones)


Winter Concert Co-Chair (with IRMS Boosters):




Spring Concert Co-Chair (with IRMS Boosters):




Band Banquet Chair:                                      Kristen S

            Committee:                                         Linda D

            Committee:                                         Debbie E

             Committee:                                         Janella A

             Committee:                                        Diana B

             Committee:                                         Joyce R

In school fundraising/Football Concession August 18, 2017:

             Committee:                                         Debbie E, Thomas E

              Committee:                                         Kim S

              Committee:                                         Linda D

               Committee:                                         Kristen S

               Committee:                                         Shannon B

              Committee:                                          Ed B, Mandy B, Jordan B, Kayley B

              Parking, Indian Trace Gate:                Lou M, Darrick B

              Parking, 136th Gate:                           Kevin S and students Liv and Bryan

             Student Helpers: Cameron, Mikayla, Matt, Victoria, and Hannah (if you helped and I missed you please let me know and I'll update!!) :)

Job Descriptions:

·         Prop Crew for 2017: Based on Mr. Tracey's directions for the 2017 show, this committee will design and build all props, completing construction prior to the first football game in the fall. During each performance of the show, if needed, committee members will load the props onto the equipment truck (or push them to the field for football games) and get them onto the field in the correct positions at show time. (Ideally the students will handle this, depending on the props; parent involvement as far as getting props on the field will be determined at a later date.) This should be one of the largest committees as this is a BIG job. 

·         Social media and calendar updates: Speak with Mr. Tracey or the band officers in person on a regular basis to stay updated regarding scheduling information and announcements, then pass that information on to the parents via blast emails, our main website, and Facebook; update the website with announcements, calendar dates, etc.; get our You Tube channel up and running

·         Camera Crew: Document all band events, work with social media chair to post, work with banquet volunteers to put together end of year program and power point to show at the banquet, make sure the band is represented in the yearbook, possibly coordinate with school media club. This committee needs at least two people, one  to photograph and one to video. More would be ideal in order to cover the maximum number of events.

·         Pre-game meals: Find restaurant sponsors to donate or discount the pre-game meals if possible, order the meal, pick up the food, make sure there are volunteers to help set up, serve and clean up, make sure there are serving utensils, paper goods, napkins, plastic cutlery, condiments, etc. If sponsorships/discounts can be obtained, we would also like to offer lunch to the students on full practice days and before leaving for state competition. Notify the social media board member and banquet program committee of any donations so that they can be acknowledged in the banquet program ad on our website.

·         Hydration: Make sure we have enough water and Gatorade donated, get ice for the coolers, fill the coolers, move the coolers to pre-game meals and football games and back again, get the coolers loaded on the equipment truck for competitions, and clean out and store the coolers after use

·         Driver and assistant for equipment truck: Must be physically able to load and unload the truck, there will usually be assistance from students and volunteers but we need at least two volunteers every time we rent a truck for sure. Drive the rental truck to all competitions (including States in Tampa)

·         Band Banquet, 2017-2018: Plan the end of the year banquet. This needs a full committee since there are a lot of tasks involved such as choosing and negotiating with the venue, finding a DJ, decorating, putting the program together, work with Mr. Tracey to order awards, etc.; event planning experience is a plus

·         Senior Dinner, 2017: Figure out what the seniors want to eat, take orders, pick up the meal, decorate the senior table, make sure the seniors receive their senior pins, make sure the seniors make it to the field for the ceremony, etc.

·         States trip for 2017: Plan the 2017 trip to state competition in Tampa, including transportation, food, hotel arrangements, chaperones, theme park tickets, etc. This will require a committee.

·         Fundraising, general: Plan movie and restaurant fundraisers, yard sales, etc. Creative new ideas  are welcome!!

·         Grant writing: This includes writing grants and seeking corporate sponsorships then working with social media chair to make sure sponsors are recognized on our website and at football games

·         In school fundraising: Manage the parking concession and food concession for the first football game, if the football boosters will assign it to us

·         Product sales: Managing any product sales such as cookie dough, pasta, etc.

·         BB&T fundraising: Liaison with BB&T, coordinate our volunteers, etc.; this is a big and very important job as we make a considerable amount of money from this opportunity

·         First aid: A medical professional would be ideal for this one person job; chaperone all field trips and activities; maintain the first aid kit; pass out sunblock, hold any Rx medications, go through field trip forms to make a list of any outstanding medical issues, etc., possibly even the occasional emergency uniform repair

·        Wildcat Wear: Collect money and order show shirts, gloves, band jackets, and band parent shirts

·        Football game set up and clean up: Rope off our area in the stands, get equipment to the stadium, etc.

·         PTSA liaison: Attend two general PTSA meetings and get to know the PTSA members so that we have good relations in the school; we need at least one, more would be better!! 

·         Section parents: Provide treats and goodies to your assigned section, we need one parent per section

Volunteers Please Log Your Hours!!

Volunteers please log your hours on the PTSA website so that the school gets the proper credit for having involved, caring, amazing parents!! You will have to register on the PTSA website then log in and look on the top menu bar for "hours". Click HERE to link to the PTSA home page. This is especially important for Band Volunteers since so much of our work is done when the office is closed and we can't register with the reception desk scanner. PS: For all day and overnight field trips like states there is a maximum of 8 hours per day.  Thank you!!

Interested in Becoming a Band Parent Volunteer?


Follow this link to complete your simple online application for Level One clearance:

*The link isn't currently working as of June, 2017; we will update as soon as it becomes available.

Pick up your badge in the school office 3-4 days after applying online. To obtain Level Two clearance request Level Two paperwork when you pick up your Level One badge, fill it out and return it to the office.  After a week or so, check with the receptionist in the office for a print out of the email saying you have been cleared for fingerprinting. The print out will include full instructions regarding how to make an appointment and the address for the school board building, which is where you will go for fingerprinting. It is free and you are allowed to park in the school board parking garage at no charge; tell the guard you are a volunteer and they will give you a parking pass.


Note: LEVEL 2 is needed for bus chaperones so we need as many as possible.

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